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Sprinterstar72 karma

Hello Tommy! I just saw you at your most recent Video Games Live performance in Bethlehem (I was the one who gave you a laugh by saying I remembered watching you on Judgment Day). As sort of a history buff I take great pride in seeing how far the games industry has evolved, even before my lifetime, for example the story of how Sony got into the console market because they were betrayed by Nintendo is always fascinating, but I digress. What would you say would be the biggest difference you have seen in developing/composing game music in the 8-bit, 16-bit, and even the N64/PS1/Saturn era vs. doing so in the modern era?

Edit: Also, congrats on the successful Kickstarter campaign! The Bethlehem VGL performance was my first VGL concert so I'm interested in hearing how the audience can suggest pieces that they would like to see performed live. What's the normal procedure?