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Really? If someone suddenly told me I'd have to pony up another $500 a month or live without running water I'd be paying in a heartbeat. Not having water is a huge burden and lifestyle change. I guess how much it's worth to you depends on your income though.

I mean the way she describes reusing dirty plates, showering infrequently, and feeling gross every month during her period? Lol nooooooo thank you.

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Idk how you feel about this, but whenever I have leftover Celery I use it to make ants on a log for my afternoon snack.

Cut the Celery, spread peanut butter, toss some raisins on top. Sometimes I drizzle honey over it too.

Also no idea why my autocorrect capitalizes Celery.

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My absolute favorite way to eat canned tuna besides tuna salad is to mix it up with cilantro, chopped tomatoes, red onion and lime juice and a little cumin salt and pepper and eat it on a tostada shell (or even scoop it with tortilla chips if that's all you have).

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Seriously $500 a month seems outrageous for that sort of lifestyle. But idk what prices are like there in general.

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Even more fascinating, the chains can be very long, like 10 transplants all facilitated by one altruistic donor.

Imagine being that person that sets off this chain reaction changing dozens of people's lives. What an amazing feeling that would be.