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I can definitely agree with that, thank u for replying

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I don't even know if this relates to philosophy but here we go.

  1. In our world what is 1 way to truly determine whether something is right or wrong? For example we all (hopefully) believe that violence (without reason) is morally wrong. But how do we know for sure? What I'm trying to get at is that I feel our world is built on trust. We trust our instinct to tell us something isn't right. But we can't really scientifically prove something is right. Even if we can, we usually also can't, for example if you are given a graph full of information about the earth's pollution over time, you can manipulate the size if the graph to make it seem different than it might actually be. I'm not sure if you understand what I'm saying, but what I'm trying to get at, do you think trust is one way to go about shaping our world? Have more to say about this but I'll keep it like that for now since I'm pretty bad at speaking 😅

  2. What is infinity and is it possible? If we have a number that constantly goes up or down by 1 every second for example, would that count as infinite? In our universe It seems as though everything has a limit, everything that doesn't seems to just be something we haven't fully discovered or gotten to the bottom of yet. I assume even pi has a limit to the number of digits it has. You could say there are infinite possibilities or infinite things that don't exist, but to me, those are things that are beyond our existence/universe because they don't actually quite exist. What do you think?

  3. Do you think time exists? I remember thinking about how for dogs 1 minute is equal to 7 minutes. It got me thinking whether time truly exists or whether it's an illusions we process differently. When you go at high speeds, time slows down for you, maybe if ur a different creature, such as a dog, you process time differently than if ur a human, I'll keep this one short tho, how have you thought about this one?