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How realistic is the A24 movie Lighthouse?

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Haha very interesting! Having your own space must help a lot. Also sounds less rough and probably safer, but maybe a little more reporting. Would you say this is a job you'd recommend to those without the need to be in a particular spot?

Have you had much tension with any of your mates?

I love the A24 production company they make a lot of great films.

Do you have a link to your trailer?

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Hhhaha good job on the trailer. And thank you for all the thoughtful responses!!

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Was not aware you would be sent out to rescue someone. Obviously if they hit your landmass that's one thing, but do you count as emergency services? Does this require a similar process to becoming a coast guard?

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Unfortunately yes this is the norm and there's nothing you can really do about it except get lucky.

She won't tell you that though cuz she doesn't even know.