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SporcleMatt34 karma

I like to think we've helped the global economy because we're secretly making people learn something while they are procrastinating.

SporcleMatt30 karma

As far as we can tell, it spawned from the difficulty in spelling, so people cursed their screen after getting that answer wrong. Mike Krzyzewski could have been our inside joke, but he's too U.S. centric.

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Actually, the very first quiz I did, name the U.S. Presidents got to the front page of Digg (remember that site?) on the 4th of July. I was floored as the quiz quickly got over 100k plays in a matter of hours.

As I built more quizzes over the next year, sharing on sites such as Reddit really helped propel awareness of the site. Once people started to play in their college lectures, we really started to grow. It's incredibly rewarding and humbling to see people who've credited Sporcle with helping them learn about the world.

SporcleMatt18 karma

I often go on spurts trying to learn a specific piece of knowledge. Recently this involved learning the capitals of all the countries of world. It's now my go to conversation starter....and ender.

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Before Sporcle, I didn't know there were 3 countries that were completely surrounded by another country. Like Incepti-countries.

We're in discussions with the Bishkek Bar and Grill, but they want us to translate all the questions, so it's slow going.