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SpookyNoob34 karma

No offense man, but it sounds like the moral of your response is that the pain really wasn’t as bad as you thought, and you realized you were only on the pain meds to abuse them. I suffer from chronic 24/7 pain, and stopping my meds isn’t going to make my pain a 4/10. If your a 4/10 and that was your pain before the pills then after you never should have been on them in the first place let’s be real. You admitted to essentially lying about being a 10/10 to doctors when in reality you were a 6/10, which again probably doesn’t warrant opiates daily. And not to be rude, but a lot of this sounds like sudo “just believe or wish your pain away and look within your inner self”. If you can manage your pain and live your life without opiates then frankly you didn’t need them every day. Meditation and screaming into a pillow is not going to make most people’s pain go away.