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where are you getting your money from?

I was paralyzed. t2 through t12. I'm back to walking though and just my left leg is a little fucked up and one part of my back kind of hurts. i'm on no medication. it was a tough road back, but you don't think about not doing it. my upper body also got big and that did feel good, but that mostly gone now that i'm back to my lazy old self. life's not totally back to normal but i'm alive. I should've died. I was like ten years older than you too.

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holy shit I've never laughed at an AMA. (you really know what you're doing)

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Can i be your intern and sift through the resumes that are doubtlessly pouring in right now?

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you're awesome. another one for your collection.

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oh dude the spasticity is the worst. it went away for the most part in my case, but it's taken forever. (i'm about 4 years into this) it drives you crazy. even sleeping sucks b/c you can't fucking straighten your legs. I remember at first just turning onto my side was hard. one night I fell asleep on my side and for the next week I was all fucked up. and i'm not even gonna start on bathroom type shit.

you might feel pain if you get some sensation back. right now you can't feel pain, even if it's 'there'. but if you do get some of that sensation back, it might hurt. and it can be really annoying.

I remember the split second the paralysis kicked in for me. at first my whole body was in terrible pain..then the paralysis worked its way down my body...like an elevator going down, and suddenly my body felt amazing. it radiated warmth and an amazing narcotic feel. like heroin. it lasted for like a few seconds and faded away. i'll never forget it though.

edit to add: I never did request baclofen like I could've. but I was always on hard narcotics so I figured why bother. so hopefully that helps. I don't know though...