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Did you ever start a question to your mom with "computer"?

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Decriminalizing is NOT the same thing as legalizing.

If you support licensing, which some would call taxing, wouldn't you also be in support of legalizing not just decriminalizing?

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This is what my company does - brings in all kinds of food trucks. It's like a different truck each day....but only one truck per day....and we all love it!! It provides so much variety to our local restaurant that once it got started, they just had to keep more and more trucks coming.

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This picture is amazing to me

About how big is that Oct 30th flow? From my very rough measurements it looks to be about 1.5 miles....is that correct?

Would that be considered a fast moving flow?

Is it considered a large flow?

Also thanks for posting this - I find it fascinating and look forward to reading more of your answers tomorrow when I'm awake.

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It shows in his acting - one of the all time great comedic movies.