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I really want you to know you're a damn good mother, the way you're handling this is admirable. Many people would crumble as the thought of dealing with what yourself and your daughter have gone through. That little girl is so lucky to have you as her mommy. It truly broke my heart reading this. I wish yourself and your daughter all the best for the future and I hope some way, her ordeal finds a way out of her mind so she can grow up and become a strong woman like her mother.

I do have one question, how do you plan on answering the questions she may have for you in her teens? Or are you going to deal with that hurdle when it arises?

Stay strong!

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Hi, it's related to eyes, do you think there will ever be a treatment to 100% fix Nystagmus? If not, what surgeries are out there which can help it? Many thanks for this AMA