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While it's quite likely you'll get your job back, that's not the point of it all, and you know that. You, to me, today, are a hero.

Advocating for 1300 nurses is not an easy job, as plainly seen by your firing. You are a good person. Don't ever stop being you.

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I never thought I'd be sitting out on my lawn reading about the inside details of the Playboy mansion and how everything was run but here I am doing that. It's really interesting. Can I ask - Was the house filled with a lot of drama/drugs or was it a shitshow some other way? It sounds like the girls get a raw deal, so to speak.

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There's a reason you were in that job in the first place - you are exactly the kind of person that should be in a position of power.

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You would be surprised at what kinds of personal experiences can happen to you that will make you suddenly become sympathetic to actively mentally ill people. I know that I've had to face some very hard realities regarding certain things and because of those experiences I am far more patient with people whom I can tell are going through or have gone through something similar.

It changes it from "wasting your time" to "well it was only 5 minutes and I hope I left them better than I found them" sort of thing, yknow?

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When you do the run in 2025 you should contact all of the news organizations in Boston to let them* know about your recovery and your journey through (what I think is) hell. It can bring more awareness to this terrible illness - plus you'll have the ladies just lining up for dates. (jk on the last bit... but maybe? hahaha) But seriously, I want to point at the TV in 4 years and say "HEY I REMEMBER THAT GUY!" :)

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