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Tbh even if they came up with a cure for this and you could eat meat, you might not find it palatable. I didn't eat meat for about five years because of other health reasons, and I found it most meat kind of nasty when I got back around to eating it. With most vegetarian food, the texture is fairly uniform and predictable, but many cuts of meat have odd bits of fat/gristle/bone/just different muscle texture or whatever. Biting into those to me was like biting into an apple and suddenly getting a really soft spot--instant "oh god is it rotten?" reaction. Took years to get used to it and I'm still not much of a meat-eater.

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Not quite. EDS is a type of hypermobility syndrome. There are others, such as Marfan's Syndrome. There are about a half-dozen distinct varieties of EDS itself as well, some of which don't even always affect the joints.

Source: Person with EDS III (Hypermobility).

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Hey there, hypermobility bro. I've got EDS 3 (Hypermobility) myself -- not quite as bad as yours though.

Did you find that your symptoms lessened when you started puberty? Mine didn't, but it turned out that I wasn't producing enough on my own due to an unrelated condition that didn't get diagnosed until later in life. I started taking testosterone cypionate for that condition when I was 21. There was some concern that this would interact badly with my EDS (treatment with steroids can sometimes make EDS worse, but I sort of needed it anyway because of the other thing, so it was like, fuck), but it ended up cutting my EDS symptoms (plus the other stuff) in half because it made my muscles strong enough to hold stuff in place. I'm still sick, but the difference has been amazing.

Maybe finishing puberty will have a similar effect on you. If not, you know, maybe have your testosterone levels checked? Perhaps it could be a viable treatment for you too.

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Those two prefixes have nearly opposite meanings. "Hypomobility" would mean that his joints had less flexibility than is typical.