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Not sure for OP side, but for me, I recall memories/stored information as facts. Memories are fact-basis, as in I know what happened in that moment (perhaps detailing step by step basis as a series of actions), but I cannot picture the scene again in my mind. I can’t imagine someone’s face at all, but when I see the person, I can recognize them. And no, it doesn’t pose too much of a problem recognizing people as I still feel a sense of familiarity upon seeing them.

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For me, unfortunately (and probably) because of this, I don’t enjoy reading fictions. And no, I cannot imagine if Timmy ran down the street or if a dog is chasing him all the way, which probably made reading fiction pretty boring for me. However, I love to read interactive books (there’s some apps that allow me to do so) and they come with pictures which really capture my attention.

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Hmm, perhaps to draw an example, you don’t have to think of an object constantly to remember how they look like. You’ll know it once you see it again. Same goes for us, we don’t have to visualize in our head, but we register the object so we can identify it again the next time we come across it. So we remember distinct features of something - for example, shape, colour etc. Reading non-fiction books are interesting for me, but not fiction, because all I see are words, lines after lines, sentences after sentences. There are some fiction which come in the form of pictures/moving objects - those interactive kind, and they are actually interesting to read because they’re already presented in visual form to me.

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No, I can’t visualize anything to be able to draw a picture from memory. If I do draw, I remember how to draw by procedures (i.e. step 1: draw this part of the picture, step 2, etc). Unless I’ve drawn a basic landscape before and remembers it step by step, I won’t be able to draw it out.

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I guess, this boils down to muscle memory. I’m not sure if people usually visualize the letters before writing down a word, but I don’t. After writing the same letter for so many times throughout my life, I know exactly how to write a letter without needing to picture in my head.