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This is exactly what I was thinking. Advertising as "non-GMO" is clearly explicitly a nod to the anti-science crowd, and appealing to them with this just further pushes consumers to passively assume GMOs are wrong because people whose business it is to make food are choosing to not use it.

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I quote that line every time I'm under sniper fire.

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Exactly. She's not just a translator, she's a diplomat.

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Relevant song, actually. Also, I am on the spectrum as well, and am looking forward to checking out the audiobook when it comes out on Audible, since I have a credit left on that and I see that your book is up for pre-order. 👍

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I mean, why not explain what Satanism is to you then, if that's an issue? I'm a member of The Satanic Temple and have mentioned it a couple times, but for me it's not about religion, it's about having a parallel structure to critique issues with society.