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If the surgeons hadn't been able to do what they did, then I'd probably have to get metal legs.. I'm just grateful enough that I was able to still keep my real legs! :)

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Got a little chuckle out of that, I'll remember that when someone makes fun of me. ;)

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I guess it was just how it was named, but I can actually run a little faster than most kids my age. :)

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  1. No, I wouldn't want to put one of my friends in that sort of position. All things happen for a reason, so I could say I'm glad it was me and not some other kid out there.. 2. Well, I did get rather overweight due to not being able to walk.. I'd say I'm getting back on top, but it'll take it's toll. 3. I have a couple, I'm currently studying photography and the violin when I'm not at school, plus a little gaming as well. :)

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At first, it did hurt quite a bit.. But gradually I was able to walk without any pain. I can only walk for a certain time, I'd say.. 1 to 2 and a half hours? Before my feet start to ache.