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Spastik_Chuwawa55 karma

Love you guys. Has anyone ever REALLY butchered the pronounciation of your band's name due to the "V"? (Like "Cuh-vurtches"?)

Spastik_Chuwawa13 karma

Why do you choose to use film instead of digital?

Spastik_Chuwawa3 karma

Hey guys!

I really enjoyed the book (my written review, video review coming soon). My only issue was that The Magic Picnic wasn't available yet. :P What's the status on that?

Spastik_Chuwawa2 karma

Hi Jake! What challenges did you run into while starting up an animation studio? And when you’re hiring, what do you look for in reels?

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Thanks Jake! You guys are doing great work, I’d love to collaborate someday. :)