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Sparxi79 karma

Hi Col. Grahm, Been a long time lurker and I was so excited when I saw you doing this AMA. Thanks so much for doing this!

  1. What was your favourite mechanical aspect of the sled? This can include things from the cockpit, or just while flying.

  2. Did individual crews ever customize their their blackbirds or do anything to "make it their own?"

  3. What was the recruitment process for getting pilots for the blackbird? What was it like doing your first simulation and seeing the plane in real life?

  4. Looking back, in Vietnam did the F-4 have any characteristics that you loved and wish you had on the blackbird and vice versa?

  5. Did you have any extreme SAM scares while in Vietnam?

  6. Have you ever had to eject out of an aircraft? If so what was the end result and what was it like?

Thanks so much again!