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And why do you think that is?

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I was about to come here to jokingly ask you if you were paranoid you were about to start having your body possessed by the personality of the heart donor as per the movies - didn’t know that there was anecdotal evidence of this lol, what have you heard? Obviously also good luck in your healing!

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Ooh how interesting, you should go be part of the study if you can! Here’s hoping you don’t wait up to your own hand strangling you or some shit lol. Seriously tho, really good luck!

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Oh god yeah of course, I didn’t even think about that - what causes it to beat and how is it still wired in to your brainstem for autonomous function? God it’s mad isn’t it. I’m going to have to go and read about it now.

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Ultimately, it’s not your responsibility and absolutely your choice. You have the right to your own life. I think people see self sacrifice for others as something inherently ‘good’, or worthy, when often, all it does is ensure that two people have shit lives rather than one.