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Hi, Catholic here. We actually studied part of Neitzsche in a course on logic. I also feel you on how the church's history isn't the best, but hey, we humans are capable of screwing up anything.

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For an autistic young man who finds complicated math hurts his brain, what advice can you give? I do want to get published myself, at some point, but doubt it will happen.

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Native Michigander here. I suffer from autism, depression, OCPD, anxiety, PTSD, and dysgraphia. However, I spent most of my childhood in Northern Ireland, which isn't exactly stellar when it comes to mental health either. Despite my own issues, I find myself to be fairly well adjusted.

However, I have major concerns about two of my siblings. See, two years ago, our oldest sister committed suicide, and this event has deeply affected my family. In fact, I'd say it eventually caused my mom and dad to split, though there were other issues. Anyway, one of my sisters still hasn't fully coped with her death, but the way she handles it sometimes amounts to 'I'm throwing a temper tantrum because I miss my sister,' even though she's almost twenty. I strongly suspect that she has unaddressed mental health issues, as this isn't anything new.

I'm also strongly concerned about my younger brother, who didn't take my parents splitting up very well or that my mother moved to Michigan and took us kids with her. However, his behavior has gone from mildly acceptable to outright abusive towards everyone around him, especially my mother and sister. He's also been abusive to me, at one point showing me his gentiles when I called him out for his actions. I worry he may have inherited my father's narcissism, but can't be sure.

As the oldest living child of twelve children following my sister's death, I feel a tremendous amount of responsibility to care for my siblings, but I am at my wits end with these two. What should I do?

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Okay, mind if I share an experience?

When I was a kid, I'd often lay awake at night, thinking about how one day the universe was going to end and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I couldn't see the reason behind it, and it terrified me deeply. I even began to doubt my faith at times.

So I prayed to God for a sign, anything... and felt the most incredible sense of peace in my life. It was absolutely pure and beautiful. In that moment, I felt like I was in Heaven. Like God was holding me in His hands.

Since then, whenever I doubt my faith, I remember that time God held me, and have used to maintain my faith ever since.

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The problem with that is both of the family members in question are fairly stubborn, not to mention both are already seeing a therapist. However, I will talk to my primary doctor about my concerns and try and get my mother to as well.