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I’m a former journalist who left the field because of the ways that we were often paid. Pay-per-performance schemes just create clickbait. I’ve always wanted someone to bring back something to reward quality writing and this could be it. I’m also a veteran of the start-up world. Need some help?

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I can already tell that our priorities match, clearly a good sign.

I too will have to wait until later to send you a message, but send one I will. I have no idea what I may be able to contribute, but I'm certain I'd be able to have something of value somewhere in my whiskey-addled brain.

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Penis size is not how you measure fanhood.

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Follow up question on that: I write pilots (or at least have, I’m on a COVID vacation). There are two I sold that I loved that also died In pre-production. Do you see any issue with me using them in pitches for other pilots? I’ve been advised this is bad form but never from anyone know knows a damn.

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I can tell from your story above that you're a guy with good taste. Huzzah to that.