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Two questions:

1) How accurate is the 10% per year operating cost rule? People like to throw that number around a lot when you ask how much it costs to run a super yacht. But on something like Dilbar which cost around $600m to build, it doesn't seem right that it would cost $60m per year to run. I would think like $15-$20m tops.

2) Many yachts are starting to add personal submarines from the likes of Triton and U-boat Worxs, etc. Is there a restriction on when and where those subs can operate or can you pretty much drop them in the water anywhere?

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Because they used to do shows about just history and barely anyone watched. So they were faced with a choice. Either change their programming to more reality based shows with a kind of history twist (like Pawn Stars) or close up shop.

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What are the rules on diving? Are there certain places you can and can't go in a submarine? Also when you are diving do you need to alert anyone or file for permits or can you just go out and dive whenever?