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Yep. In a reply north of here, he said that there would be a mixture of big and small players if marijuana were regulated like alcohol. Kind of how there's a Budweiser, an anheuser busch, and many small breweries. Jared didn't try to pander to the voters who would rather there were not giant corporations producing marijuana, with consistent medium quality and for low prices, with doublespeak or avoiding the question. He was honest...

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The problem is that I'm not sure if retail hitmen even exist, at least in Western democracies. It's too much risk - the risk of going to jail for life or being executed means that a hitman would have to ask for more money than most potential clients could pay. Until proven otherwise, I would assume that any hitmen you could find and afford are just stings for law enforcement.

Also, frankly, it's probably easier to get away with a murder you personally commit than to hire someone who also knows. If you want to get away with murder, exactly one person can know you're the culprit - yourself. So if you have to murder the hitman anyway, might as well just do the murder the hitman committed yourself - gives the authorities only one crime scene to hunt for clues instead of two.

Mafia hitmen are more of a special case and are obviously very carefully vetted.

Not that it's easy to get away with murder these days. The slightest touch, you sneeze and you leave DNA, a hair falls and you leave DNA, your phone tracks your position, investigators are going to go through the victim's web of contacts, which are conveniently available in electronic form, and will question you*, if you don't have alibi that seems to almost be enough to prosecute these days, and so on.

But hiring a hitman would just make this task even more difficult.

*why kill someone you don't know? This is why serial killers can get away with it for decades while most murderers are caught.

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Fun fact: On average a single emergency physician will provide $200k of unfunded (federally mandated) care per year. Man I wish I made that kind of money.

How are you equating the value to 200k? I'm just saying, you're assuming a price point similar to the care you did get paid for.

In a pure "free market", where there was no limit to the number of medical school or residency slots, and thus new doctors would be trained until the price for their services dropped to the point that future would-be doctors decide to become other professions, the price would be lower. I'm not sure how low, and admittedly this wouldn't work because the very long timelag between someone deciding to become a doctor and actually entering the field would make the system oscillate wildly. (there would be a series of surges of new students and a glut of doctors followed by a shortage, followed by a surge, etc) And there are moderately sophisticated mathematical tools you could use to work out these gradients and just set the supply of physicans correctly, preventing gluts or shortages.

I'm not saying what you do isn't stressful or a very valuable service, just saying that it's relative.

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So how much room is actually up there inside the turbine nacelle? Is there enough room for a chair? Is there a power outlet using power from the turbine through a battery and inverter set?

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Just reading this with fresh eyes : it seems like 2 major things need to be fixed :

a. The government needs to have a conviction in the case, and prove with at least preponderance that money from the convicted defendant was used to purchase the asset in question.

b. The value of the asset seized needs to be proportional to the crime committed. If someone sells a $10 bag of weed, and no other weed is found, unless the government can find a transaction history or some proof that the defendant sold a given amount of weed, they shouldn't be able to seize more than 10 or 100 times (or some reasonable ratio) the value of the profitable criminal activity committed.

Also, the activity must be profitable. How does someone profit from drunk driving?

And the state should have to compensate the wronged party for the lost value of a seized asset and interest if they lose their case...