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I agree. I work form home most of the time, and sometimes I go without showering for 48 hours and I become very uncomfortable. 72 hours without showering makes me miserable. I just can't imagine how gross and uncomfortable 2 months would be, especially if you couldn't even change your clothes. I'm pretty sure the skin on my face would be ruined, and I'd lose a lot of my hair. The itching in my groin and armpits would be unbearable.

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This was my first question. What's stopping thousands of people from learning that being in fear for your life is a way to get asylum, and then simply claiming that they are in fear of their life so they can get a free pass into the USA?

People catching on to this idea is just as much of a likely explanation for the increase in claims.

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Aren't most of the video games we love in the west seen as unacceptable in an islamic state like Iran?

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Do you ever disagree with the doctor? I once took someone to the emergency room and everyone there was great - until the doctor came in and it was clear that they were the biggest asshole on the planet and placed their need to be a dick above their desire to actually help us. We had to go to another emergency room. I just remember the nurse (I think he was a nurse) having this expression on his face like he knew the doctor was crazy but wasn't allowed to say anything.