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Insurance probably paid the other 95% of the bill.

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This is so terrible. I qualify for an assistance program that helps me pay my medical bills, but the date of service on the bill has to be within 6 months. I get bills for 500 - 800 dollars that are 18 months old, and I'm screwed. If they would bill me faster, they would get all their money. I've explained this to them, and they still refuse to speed up the process to bill me within 6 months.

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There's not even anything wrong with several of the supposedly extremist groups on your list, and why would someone who's anti-government want to be a cop? This is just more outrage bait, not journalism.

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I agree. I work form home most of the time, and sometimes I go without showering for 48 hours and I become very uncomfortable. 72 hours without showering makes me miserable. I just can't imagine how gross and uncomfortable 2 months would be, especially if you couldn't even change your clothes. I'm pretty sure the skin on my face would be ruined, and I'd lose a lot of my hair. The itching in my groin and armpits would be unbearable.

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This was my first question. What's stopping thousands of people from learning that being in fear for your life is a way to get asylum, and then simply claiming that they are in fear of their life so they can get a free pass into the USA?

People catching on to this idea is just as much of a likely explanation for the increase in claims.