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Everyone pees their pants- it's the coolest.

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Heyyy I just heard you on his podcast- you sound like a good shit!

You had said you had some ideas that didn't make it into season one that you'd like to explore in season two. Was this due to time constraints, or were your ideas too dark/obscure and you were told "this isn't going to fly?" (In so many words) by Roku/dumbass higher up? Or something else I hadn't considered?

Thanks for doin the AMA and I look forward to checkin out your show- sounds awesome

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Aaand now I'm looking forward to your show even more. Good shit man.

Ahh fuck...too soon...

Thanks for the response! Good luck and I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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Hey Denis, was a huge fan as a kid, you n Carlin were always my go-to for stand-up.

I’m curious to what you feel about Louie C.K. accusing you of taking a lot of the material for the song “Asshole” from him.

Personally, I don’t feel any ideas are original, and if someone can come up with a creative spin using someone else’s perspective, it can brig a lot of good to the world (mostly since the fact that his idea seemed to be more of a stand-up bit, while you were able to go further by creating a song out of it.)

Anyway, I’m wondering if that’s something that has caused problems with your relationship with him, but also in general I’m wondering about your perspective of joke “stealing”, how/if it has affected you, or anyone else you know in the industry.

Thank you for doing this, btw how’s that one lonely testicle feeling?

“I have here quote ‘I would give my left nut to see the Red Sox win the World Series’”....

“....Nah I never said that...”

Edit- Sorry dude, I didn’t read any questions before posting mine. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it...

Still curious about the other stuff I asked if you were willing to discuss your perception on the subject.

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What are you doing with a signed Babe Ruth baseball anyway, I figured you would be like “You should have hit it further Smalls, tell old blind Terrence Mann he can keep it!”