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Makes sense that attractiveness is transitive too.

I guess but I think there's a few attractive male and female types that wouldn't transition well at all.

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As a layman among I imagine thousaaaaands reading this.


I imagine a lot of us who never have coded "get" how coding works based off of instructions that propel instructions that propel instructions that is basically a task master of one dude sitting on a throne saying to his 70 worker peasant/slaves what to do and how to work together. That's my basic understanding of coding.

Now explain multiple dispatch to me?

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How on earth could this be any bit a reliable experiment if market forces aren't changing around you? Walmart and mom and pops ice cream shop aren't reacting to your experiment but it would be wildly different if it wasn't an experiment and everyone got ubi.

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Do you have an example of this?

I'm completely supportive of you in every way and I believe what you're saying, but from just an objective standpoint I've never heard a convincing voice from someone that's transgender. I wanted to believe it was possible but I guess I just didn't have any evidence of it. There always seems to be that telltale shift and twinge in the voice which I can't imagine is fun for people who are concerned with passing.

It feels rude to ask but I guess that's kind of why we're here today.

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I don't know that this was like a normally expected understanding for describing yourself as getting "wet" but I guess so?