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So I actually TOTALLY think you're on to something. 5-6 is like "DAMN I WAKE UP EARLY" but 2-3 is almost sort of like it's own sleeping schedule and wake-up schedule. You don't try to stretch the boundaries of a normal sleep schedule, you just create ur own.

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I became a lawyer 1.5 months ago and my firm (extremely small 3 lawyer firm) bills me to clients at 150/hr, my boss bills modestly at 300/hr. These are VERY LOW. Big firm partners will bill at 600+ and even more at trial.

On the flipside I'm somehow still poor as a church mouse so idk.

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This question is super basic, but on the off chance you answer it - often I go on very long runs outside in the Texas heat. Then when I get home I will shower, often in quite cold water to cool off and start the recovery process. Often when I step into the water my breath is essentially taken completely away and I can literally feel myself struggle to draw breaths. What is occurring when this happens? I assume it happens when you jump into freezing water.

Given how important breathing is in water, I wonder if you could let me know why this happens, and if one can mitigate this for a potentially serious situation.

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A salary that does not come anywhere close to what I bill