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I've skimmed through this thread and I think you hit on two massively important points in this answer.

I grew up in a sales family and the biggest things I took from my experiences were: 1. People are coming to you with their wants/needs and you have to identify if you can help solve those issues. The only way to do that is to make sure you listen and understand what they want. I can't even begin to tell you the number of times my Dad said "if you listen people will tell you exactly what they want". 2. You have to value the product you're selling. Anybody can go out and sell a shit product to a minority of people that don't need that product, it's easy to do on a used car lot and have short term success (Trump), but you will never have long term success with that type of sales strategy. A good salesperson will genuinly believe in the product they are selling. This circles back to your "you really have to want to understand". The best negotiators/salespeople will try and provide their product to people that need it, which means legitimately identifying what their needs are.

I'm a lawyer now but I can tell you that these principles are a massive part of my everyday job, both in obtaining/retaining clients and in the courtroom.

Good stuff! I'll buy your book tomorrow, thanks for sharing. I may reach out after I get a chance to read your book.