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Doctor Docter, can't you see I'm burning burning?


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But if you find somewhere with some good coworkers you can usually survive.

This is absolutely key. I spent my first 7 "employment years" working at one bookstore and we kept (mostly) the same staff for all 7 years.

It was still retail, so there were some lousy days and some lousy customers but when you like and respect the people you work with (and receive the same in return), it makes the job, any job, more bearable.

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Hi Garett!

I know it's almost cliché to ask this, but where were you when the second plane hit on September 11?

Max, same question.


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Have you ever gotten in touch with Paul McCartney's people about putting a session together?

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Sometimes it's the trades company's own fault for being stuck rigidly to their policies.

I had a blown capacitor on my A/C unit this past summer and I wanted a repair person to come out switch it out. I knew what the problem was (thanks to YouTube) and what needed to be done and I just wanted a pro to do the job. None of the repair companies I called would come out for less than $110 just for the visit, with parts and labour on top of that.

In the end, I went to a HVAC supply store, bought a $10 capacitor and switched it out myself in less than 10 minutes.

I would have paid someone $50-$100 to do that same job but they just couldn't be arsed to make 50% of their usual rate, so instead they had to settle for 0%.