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Do you see disparities between who gets an organ and who doesn’t? In other words is there racial or other discrimination in the system?

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I’m guessing closest is because the organ deteriorates with time? Sickest is obvious but do you weigh it the same if it’s a much older person vs a younger person who would potentially have more time to live?

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Thank you! I went to grad school for public health and learned a lot about racial disparities in healthcare and was assuming that would be a big factor in transplants too (and I feel like we may have learned about that?) I wasn’t sure how to respond to op so thank you for responding and adding great resources.

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If only every teacher thought like you!

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I’m sure I’m too late for this but my friend has two compressed disks in his lower spine causing excruciating sciatic nerve pain. He’s on heavy duty pain killers and they are suggesting surgery. Is it likely he could address this any other way? He wants to avoid surgery but is completely debilitated and has a young son to take care of.