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Jerri Nielsen was the only doctor at Amundsen–Scott for a year-long contract, and discovered she had breast cancer during the winter.

As the only doctor, she had to administer chemotherapy to herself as well as operate on herself. They were able to airdrop supplies specifically for her, but it took a while to get her out due to fact that the fuel and hydraulics on the plane might(/would) freeze if it attempted to land.

They staff two doctors there now.

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A carpenter's helper? That is a neat and unexpected job to stay in Antarctica for--everyone thinks of the scientists, but obviously there need to be people who do all the non-science work.

How exactly does someone get a job like that, anyway?

Do the people in McMurdo really watch The Shining/The Thing immediately after being sealed off from civilization for the next six months? How is the mood after the movies, and how crazy are they in general?

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So, two of the staples of humanity: sex and money.

How were you paid, was there a policy to not form relationships, any interesting drama to share? If you can think of anything related that I did not ask, feel free to add it.

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Probably because in the online test you need to answer every single question, while with the TV ones it's easy to just mentally ignore the ones you didn't know and remember all the ones you got.

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If you were curious, we actually know his real day job in the comics. The show skipped over revealing it though, presumably because it doesn't matter in any way whatsoever.

But anyway, he was a high school science teacher. He says that in the books after revealing his big lie, and explains that it's why he knows the various small tricks/facts he does.

You know what I'd like? A prequel spinoff starring Eugene in the style of Welcome Back, Kotter. I think it'd be good! Then in the last episode zombies could eat his entire class.