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Yes, but it was in response to this:

ianiskorean What is personally the hardest thing you deal with, being blind?

bradley22 Not having a girlfriend to hug and show me affection when I'm nervus.

Vociferix TIL I'm blind

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How did you figure out that this is something you wanted to spend time on?

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What is the most go-happy encounter or experience you've had in the elderly care facility? You must have had some great reactions!

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What was the most challenging problem you encountered while getting everything set up?

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Hello! I hope you still answer questions :)

You mentioned you got diagnosed at around year 14, we're about the same age. I was just wondering about some culture difference in this.

Where I went to school I never heard about autism. I learned about the autism spectrum just a few years ago (I was about 16-17).

To my questions: * Was autism 'stigmatized' in the sense of it wasn't talked about? * Did you share the diagnosis with any friends, how did they react? Did they know about autism from before?

Thanks for doing this AMA! :)