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Somanyregrets692 karma

What's next for you guys? Also - what would a Zero Charisma sequel look like? Would you ever consider doing one?

Somanyregrets691 karma

Big fan of Chronicle. My question is this - I just finished production on my first feature (with some cool actors like Kate McKinnon, Jake Lacy, BriTanick and Jay Pharoah ). I wrote and produced it (didn't direct) but the whole production process exhausted me so so much that now a few weeks out of production I feel no motivation or desire to start a new script. I almost feel like i put so much emotional investment into this thing and now its all shot and the actors are gone and I'm trying to figure out what's next. When you wrapped Chronicle did you have any post-partum type depression thing and how did you break through that and get back to writing your next thing? Thanks dude. You're an inspiration for a young writer like me.