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Incidentally, not correcting your "has" is making me twitchy. So I'll just nudge you and remind you that it should be "Have there been..."

Well, if you're going to be a grammar Nazi, I'm going to be a grammar Nazi, too:

I am no longer an SAT essay scorer, and if I was were

It is subjunctive mood.

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The infinite love of Dr. Chuck Tingle.

Just embrace it.

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Yup...like a true libertarian.

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Deregulation of anything ends up being positive for the consumer.

Yeah, like how in Australia the government sold the national telco years ago, and what followed was a dark age of that corporation ruthlessly exploiting their new monopoly, charging as much as the market could bear and providing the minimal possible service. Only now, a decade later, has it started to unwind with them being forced to compete by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Good ol' Invisible Hand of the Free Market, hallowed be Its name.

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They are keyboard warriors propped up on testosterone and the idea that it takes "balls" to be a violent asshole.