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Solid-Tumbleweed4 karma

Hi Rob! Did you ever run into areas of contaminated soil. If so how did you overcome this obstacle? I’d love to start growing more in my yard but I’m leery because I’ve found some items that suggest it may have been (personal) dumping grounds. Should I worry or will plants simply not grow in contaminated soil? Thanks!

Solid-Tumbleweed4 karma

That’s a great point! I suppose finding “sterilized” soil, defeats the purpose of soil in the first place! Thanks for the response! Love what you’ve been doing! Keep up the great work!!

Solid-Tumbleweed2 karma

Yes! I was getting so frustrated having to go to 12 different sites to filter and deduce what might be a sliver of either truth or necessary news! Thank you for your answer! It’s nice to know where the experts go! Keep up the good work and thanks again for the response!

Solid-Tumbleweed1 karma

Who do you consider to be trusted/reliable sources to get news from? What publications, labs, scientific journals, are your “go to” sites? Thanks for doing this btw!! Great info you’ve been sharing!!