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Rent Control is almost universally opposed by Economists. You see more unity than climate change science. Why aren't rent control advocates treated with disdain, derision, and contempt like climate change denials?

Why are you giving space to anti-science activists to push their agenda that is dangerous to society?

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If police:

  1. Identified themselves at the door
  2. Knocked on the door despite having a "no-knock" warrant.
  3. Were shot by the inhabitants

What (if anything) did they do wrong by returning fire?

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Then why are you biasing the coverage (and trying to sway public opinion) by supporting an illogical position that benefits a special interest group. Most of the the special interest groups even often admit it hurts their interests in the long-term.

How do you reconcile supporting a policy that WILL hurt society? You are taking up a completely illogical position and admit as much in your post.

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Why would a developer care about rent control if the changes are minimal? If the changes are so small, then there is no reason to have it in the first place.

Developers will find money no matter what market segmentation does. The people hurt by rent control are the ones who will be paying for it in the future.

"that was outlawed by Costa Hawkins and if Proposition 10 passes, it could come back. " SO THEN WHY ARE YOU SUPPORTING PROPOSITION 10??????

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Landlords really aren't hurt by it. That was the idea of rent control in the first place. "We'll just move money from rich people to poor people and not have to tax anyone".

Landlords find ways around rent control. They stop maintenance and upgrades (why bother, you have a list of prospective tenants a mile long), they cut costs in cleaning and service, they remove difficult tenants (children are especially hard hit) and replace them with office workers through illegal or unethical evictions, they remove units from the market to evict and then put it back on the market long after the tenant is gone so they can set a new price. Not to mention the damage done to new market entrants, new development, and upward mobility.

There isn't a consensus from economists for no reason. They've studied these issues.