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1) I hear a lot about anti-vaxxers but have rarely, if ever, encountered someone in my life who legitimately believed vaccines are not necessary. How much of this 'movement' do you find truthful vs. media-influenced? Do you see/interact with significantly more anti-vaxxers than say 10 years ago?

2) If the anti-vaccine movement is as popular as media platforms make it out to be, it stands to reason that there has been a shift in vaccine public perception from necessary to optional/case-by-case. What influences might have elicited this change?

Soccerismylife1 karma

One of the problems I've seen with regards to healthcare industrialization is a counterintuitive overcompensation of IRB red tape. How does your patient revolution model address IRB?

Also, I'm a biomedical engineering student interested in epidemiological computational modeling and was wondering your thoughts on epidemiological computational modeling with regards to evidence-based medicine?