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Can I get a coupon?

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How many Rifftrax do I have to buy to be happy?

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I have an MST3k question that I actually from watching Werewolf just last night:

One of the Werewolf host segments is about casting brothers of more famous people in movies a la Joe Estevez. Spike Knotts, Chip Hitler, etc. But there seems to be a secondary joke here. Crow is not really into the sketch and can't come up with anything and Mike and Servo both seem to be doing the segment with an undertone of acknowledgment that it's a weird thing they're doing and almost seem to not want to be doing it? Is there a story behind that sketch? Is something else going on?

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I meant to link it and forgot, it's here cued up but it's at 24:57ish

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In 2008 you did some stuff with the Chikara Wrestling company. How did that come about? Were you a wrestling fan at all? Any plans to work with them again?