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Seriously the best food as far as I'm concerned. :D I keep badgering my husband to go back and see his dad... mainly so that I eat more and drink more wine.

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It helps with my (two) forms of mitochondrial myopathy. I don't use it often though, because it isn't legal where I am (which bothers me.)

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That's so horrible.

I've always said that as a female (not to mention atheist) I wouldn't go to Saudi for any amount of money. My husband had to live there a while and he hated it. For example, he was looking around while riding somewhere and accidentally locked eyes with a woman in another car for a second, and the man driving with her happened to see. The man immediately hit her over and over, and my husband felt awful to have seen and caused it.

The attitude he described regarding women and the attitude shown by OP angers me and make me very sad. It is... Shocking to me, and it is clearly so deeply held that nothing will change it. I cannot imagine the frustration of being female there... Of being regarded almost like a child by society and legally. It is horrifying. :(

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Hi OP, I posted already but also have two types of mitochondrial myopathy, and it seems that we went through similar difficulties getting properly diagnosed. It took a decade in my case, and it was so awful when doctors thought is was in my head or something. Since then everything has been so much easier just by knowing and having some ways to treat it. (Diet and taking levocarnitine.)

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I'm not going to try and convince you of anything, because I have a similar world view and all. I have quite a few health problems that changed my life from everything I wanted. I get it. I just want to tell you that you may certainly still find love, so don't count that out. Do what you need to and believe in, but if you find love try to let it flourish instead of locking yourself out with doubts. :)