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Out of curiosity, what are the meds you are on?

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Thank you for the reply.

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Why do you care about the question you asked her?

Because I treated patients who have committed suicide. Alternate perspectives are welcome.

Third why would you thank her for a reply In a AMA she started. She's telling you to ask her a question, no need to thank her for replying.

Basic manners?

Man up bro.

Okay, that means calling you out. The only way to make it alright to talk about male issues is to do it. Not shut down the conversation by alienating everyone. My goal is to make more people aware of the issues men face.

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For someone who is clinically depressed do you have suggestions for activities that are meaningful? Its been 3 years....

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You state that you specialize in "supporting women who are trying to "do it all" and may also be struggling with alcohol use." Why is there a focus on women if these issues affect men just as much if not more? (as in the rate of alcoholism in the US is higher amongst men, as well as rates of suicide)