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Hey Neil, thanks for the AMA!

My question is, what is your definition of a “successful career”?

Perhaps fiscal abundance, mental well-being, one that will produce results you may not be alive for (thinking medical discoveries), and what about ones you’ll never get credit for?

I don’t think a “successful career” definition can exist without excluding at least one or two categories of the above.

Some careers will be considered successful through fiscal statements without ever making worthwhile discoveries or receiving recognition. Some will make incredible medical advancements while poor, and only be given credit after their death. Some will live their lives promoting mental wellness and will neither make money nor receive recognition, but will still be happy.

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Hello Kailee, thank you for doing this!

In what ways do you think defunding the police versus creating an independent accountability force will improve circumstances in the long run?

In my mind, creating an independent task force to investigate all cases of police brutality and deaths involving police would weed out the bad officers (provided we could also limit/eliminate police union power). We wouldn’t just have less officers, we’d only be keeping the better ones.

By defunding the police, we aren’t improving the quality of officers on the force - simply reducing the volume. And if police forces won’t remove officers, we’re reducing funding for police training programs like deescalation.

I get that we could then allocate the funds back into social programs to potentially reduce the need for police, but is that more beneficial than using this momentum to create a lasting system of accountability?

Thanks ahead of time for the response!

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Hey there, thanks for doing this AMA!

Fun question: what are some of your favorite facts that you wouldn’t be able to find with a simple google search?

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Anything can be found using google ;) but as someone with no knowledge on microbes, I’d be interested to learn some in-depth trivia!