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How does vaporizing cannabis affect lung health?

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Thank you. To clarify, I was speaking of vaporizing herb/hash, not concentrates like terp pens.

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I find it more satisfying as I concider the lethargic, narcotic effects as side effects of the unhealthy combustion method of consumtion. I am all about purity and a energetic high and I find that I get pretty exhausted from smoking nowadays. Smoking also feels very dull and uneventful as I’ve gotten used to the euphoric and very psychoactive effects of pure, effective extraction. I even pass up on smoking if I’ve been vaporizing as it ruins my high.

Vaporizing is different and not for everyone, especially when they’re used to smoking and probably more so when they’re used to smoking with tobacco.

It took me many years from when I first bought a vaporizer, and a eye opening Amsterdam trip, before I realized the full potential of vaporizing and fully made the switch.

You may want to try a torch heated vaporizer as they reach higher temperatures that give one effects that more closely resemble the effects from smoking. Conduction supposedly gives effects closer to smoking than convection heating as well.

When I first bought my volcano classic a year ago it felt like the effects I would get when I first started using cannabis decades ago and I consistently get the same effect, so yes, I am very satisfied with the effects.

Not to mention that vaporizing seems to use about 20%-25% of the material that combustion does. Well, it does for me anyway.