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Not Brian, but on his Tumblr he's often posted the score to each episode of Season 4, with previous seasons usually getting individual songs or smaller sections uploaded

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Hey Brian, thanks for doing this AMA and congrats on strongly finishing a series! It's been an emotional journey that's paralleled many of our own personal growths, in no small part due to your fantastic score. Way back in November of 2016 you answered a Tumblr ask from me about your job, and while your answers were great the most important takeaway for me was your answer for "what was the #1 thing you've learned on the job?"

>The job is, at most, only half about writing. The other half is being a receptive, emotionally aware person...so if you’re seeking advice, I’d say be a good musician, but also be a good person. I am still working on both of those things.

This had a profound impact on me. Just a week ago I graduated college, and I'm going to get my master's in Sound Design, but in everything I've done since that ask I've paid immense attention to the emotions of the content and of the people around me, and it's really been paying dividends, maybe minus the part where I cry at movies, shows, and games. I wanted to say thank you, but also ask actual questions:

  1. What was the most difficult stretch of time to work on Star for you? Not like writer's block, but as a person. Maybe a particular season or episode or life event?
  2. How did/have you managed to balance artistic work with having a family? A big anxiety of mine right now is the classic "working at McDonalds for life" fear.
  3. I never recall much serious musical analysis springing up around Star Vs. the same way that there has been for, say, Steven Universe. Perhaps someday I'll tackle that as a post-mortem, but were there any particular moments where you rubbed your hands and cackled with musical foreshadowing/storytelling?

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1) What would you say is the most common path to get where ya'll are now? Do most people come out of academia, or studios in the industry itself?

2) What would you say is the most common feedback you get on in-development products?

Always been a fan of AKG, looking forward to whatever ya'll put forth next from Austrian Audio GmbH!

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Question from some friends:

WiseOldHermit: As far as you know, is there any possibility of a more updated book of spells, or possibly more comics?

ParkerNorman: How was working on the show? How much bigger is Earth now? Would 'Mearth' be the new name of the world?