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Guten Abend Herr Ohler!

The Guardian newspaper has described Blitzed as both 'spurious' and 'crass', and argues that whilst your book is 'readable' it is at the expense of truth and accuracy.

In particular, your argument that drug use was commonplace amongst the entire German population is highly contentious; the historian, Richard J. Evans went so far as to describe your conjectured idea of drug use under the Third Reich as both 'wildly implausible' and 'having no basis in fact'.

How would you respond to those critics and your peers who have cast suspicion on the authenticity of the claims made in your book? What is your response to the idea that you may have purposefully misinterpret Morell's journals in order to substantiate your own view-point?

Finally, numerous historians have agreed that Hitler exhibited signs of Parkinson's disease; however, you claim that his tremors were resultant from experiencing withdrawals or going 'cold turkey'. Do you have any evidence to corroborate your claim?

It is undeniable that your book touches upon interesting subject matter, but I think we have to be careful when producing any piece of historiography not to mislead readers through the misrepresentation of information derived from primary sources.

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How are the survivors coping? Have you received any aid/assistance yet? I read today that another large earthquake (aftershock) has hit the region; I hope you and your friends/family are safe.

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Glad to hear you; your family, and friends are doing ok. I'm very sorry to hear of everything that has happened in the wake of what has become a very tragic event. Good to hear you have received some aid, your leg looked pretty banged up. Wishing you safe passage back to Malaysia.

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Hi Norman, thank you for taking the time to respond.

Are you referring to the meth amphetamine compound created by Temmler Werke prior to the outbreak of WW2? I was unable to find any figures relating to the sale of pervitin to the general populace (civilian) during the war years; however, there are numerous references to the miracle pill used to promote 'wakefulness', referred to as 'panzerschokolade' by the Wehrmacht.

I am really quite curious about drug use by the German population and its ramifications; although, I assume you are not trying to excuse the actions of those involved with the Third Reich on the basis of their supposed drug use?

As for Hitler and Parkinson's I suppose it's open to debate? Obviously the evidence is there to support the claim that he was on drugs but was it due to addiction or underlying illness or perhaps even both?

I haven't read your book yet but I will definitely be picking up a copy out of sheer curiosity. Thanks again.

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Ok this needs to be at the top. Fingers crossed they find her.