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You say reading is weird, but it's always been lifelike for me. Usually the few times I actually suspect I'm dreaming and try to fly or something, it doesn't work and I just go back to the dream plot.

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I've had a few dreams where I can float. It's never very high, think a giant bug with tiny wings in a Disney cartoon floating. But those ones always feel super realistic too, too the point I MIGHT try it while awake, just to be sure. It's weird how dreams can make impossible things feel possible.

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Real talk, was it worth it? Of course fighting for your life always is, but I mean would you do it again if you had to, or...

I've always said if I got cancer I'd rather let it win than go through chemotherapy. Its come up a lot in my family, with one cousin basically having to be hollowed out to save him.

I truely can't imagine what survival would feel like though, it's probably a unique emotion to it's own.