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Thanks heaps for the reply.

  • LOL, great answer.

  • To this day I still get "for British eyes only" stuck in my head for uncomfortable amounts of time, oh and "Mr F". Who can I hold accountable for this? On a good note I always torment my room mate with these too.

  • That's too bad. Think about it though, it'd be great to see you involved with that. I'm not a huge fan of BBT to be honest, it seems as though if there was no canned laughter the show would be terribly awkward. Hot girls hanging around with nerds etc? I know that's part of the satire and not even sure why I made that point. 2.5 Men is always good if you're in a non-thinking mood and want a cheap laugh, I don't mind it sometimes. Can't say I've ever watched Mike & Molly so not much I can say on that.

  • Nice list, thanks. I remember watching Green Acres a little bit as a kid, catchy theme song. Currently watching through Seinfeld again, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is good too. I'll definitely check out the rest though :)

  • Well I certainly feel rewarded, gives the show more re-run watchability, I must say. The multi-camera set up works well, and most of the time there's stuff going on in the background so it satifies people that focus more on the foreground as well as the back. If you put a number (as I'm pretty sure would have been done) on the number of jokes per minute, I imagine it would be fairly high in comparison to other shows.

  • One thing I forgot to ask before, do you have your own chicken impersonation or is one of the ones in the show a reflection of your own?

Don't worry about it, got the flow. I think it's just because that paragraph breaks it up in the middle.

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Why doesn't he have his own reddit account?