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I thought it had been generally accepted that the 'too big cage causes stress' idea was a myth. If it's a big cage with no places to hide, than that can definitely be stressful, but as long as it's properly decorated, the idea that there is anything detrimental to providing a big cage for what's effectively a wild animal is nonsensical.

I'll be interested in what you have to say next week, thanks for the reply!

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Often times the enclosures breeders keep their snakes in are much smaller than what is considered the recommended (or necessary) size for a species. Since breeders usually are the ones to set the standards for snake care, including tank size, this seem hypocritical to me. How do you, and other breeders, justify keeping snakes in cages that 'pet owners' would be criticized for?

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Where would you draw the line on selectively breeding snakes? Some disagree with your choice to deliberately breed snakes without scales, so I'm curious, has there ever been a project you decided to discontinue because you felt it was unethical?