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Why did you misspell MAGNETS?

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I had a restorative proctocolectomy a few years ago, pretty much the same deal as you. I had uncontrollable UC for several years, and the only thing that ever helped was Prenisone tapers, which sucked. Just wanted to say good luck! You're gonna be super happy with it, I know you will!

What are you most looking forward to after the surgery? Have you tried ALL THE MEDICINES at this point? They tried me on everything from the standard Asacol to clinical trial drugs. Also, are you SUPER PUMPED to not have to take a dozen pills a day?

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My first run on Prednisone I gained 25 pounds (which was good, because I had lost 25 pounds from UC) in a month (TOO FAST!) and got moon face pretty badly as well. I was eating like... 7 meals a day during that time because it made me so hungry.

Is your surgery being done laparoscopically?