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Probably stress fractures. People aren't really built to handle being that big. NBA star Yao Ming had to retire because he was so big that he continuously had microfractures in his feet.

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In case anyone is wondering, the weird-shaped thing in the fourth picture is the yoke. When you have to carry the canoe over land, or portage, you flip it upside down, put the yoke over your shoulders and behind your neck and walk with it. This has all of the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a helmet that is shaped exactly like a full-sized upside-down canoe while walking through a forest.

Advantages: You are very safe from drop-bears.

Disadvantages: everything else.

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Are you going to get a FIFA membership? That's a nice chunk of free money, for a small country.

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Tl/dr: too many cooks

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IIRC, his chicken lays a triceratops egg. Been a long time, I could be wrong.