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How did your boss earn his riches, and what did he do to keep the money flowing in?

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I was that kid too. Except I dialed then immediately hung up. It was only my older sister and I home. An RCMP car drove by shortly after and terrified 9-year-old me decided the best thing to do was leave the house, run up a trail through the woods behind my house until I was at the park up my street.

I walked back and the police were in my house, speaking with my mom. My poor mother arrived home to see a police car sitting in our driveway. I am sure she nearly had a heart attack.

The RCMP officers explained the importance of not using 911 except in an emergency and left. I remember crying my little eyes out and asking my parents to give me a punishment. They didn't and then sent me out to play.

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My condolences on the passing of your sister. It is such a kind gesture of you to offer up those supplies. Perhaps contact your local Chron's/Colitis charity to see if they could put them to use, as the OP doesn't need them.

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Milk comes in bags in Atlantic Canada as well!

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Yeah, I've gotten the same stuff over-the-counter (I'm in Canada) as well due to constipation related to surgery.

I also work in a group home and one of the kids (he's 9) gets 20mg a day of the stuff (we call it PEG) due to constipation issues. 10mg twice a day. It's relatively gentle on the system. The trouble is, this little guy was never properly potty trained so his constipation issues stem from that. It's not some teenager who opts to neglect his diet and cause his own health issues.