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Congrats, but unfortunately what you just went through was the easiest part of getting sober. You need to get involved with some kind of recovery program or you will go back to it. Try to find an NA meeting in your area and get a sponsor and take it from there. Good luck.

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I have atheist family members who go to meetings regularly and have told me that it makes no difference what your religious beliefs are. They don't try to press anything on you. They do use the terms "god" and "higher power" here and there, but they're used in a way that's more of a tool to get people to think about their illness in a certain way, which is applicable to all people. Just give it one meeting, and make sure you introduce yourself to at least one person there. If you don't do this, you will have just gone through a bunch of agony for nothing.

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Hey guys, love your stuff. Got a few questions, answer whichever ones you want.

  1. What were you guys like as kids? Were you both class clowns?

  2. How was high school for you guys, and what kind of groups did you hang with?

  3. What were your favorite segments/bits from Awesome Show?

  4. If showbiz weren't an option, what would've been your ideal jobs?

  5. Did you guys write/help write all the songs that were in Awesome Show?

Thanks, guys.

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There was an AMA from Eric a while back, but it was never confirmed that it was really Eric. It seemed real, but I wanted to know for sure. Was it?

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If they can suffer that's all that matters to me. How clever they are means very little. If it's a sentient being (ie, capable of experiencing sensation), it should not be subjected to such suffering when it's so unnecessary.