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FWIW, you will lose far more often on Yotta. $1 wagered is $1 wagered. $1 deposited is 1/52 the interest wagered. That said, you're not "risking" anything, besides opportunity cost. In my experience with Yotta, you're not looking for home runs, but a juiced yield.

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Who ever said they were a charity? You realize they do pay interest on top of prizes? You know who is sponging up your hard earned interest? The banks and CUs paying 0.05%. Why aren't you as rabid towards Bank of America?

Yeah, they're so manipulative trying to get you to save more with incentive.

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It has nothing do with the quantity of work performed and everything to with the fact you're employed to do it. You can create 100% of a work and it's owned by your employer

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Do you have an effective APR metric in the app? I was keeping track with Excel XIRR function, but that's too much now that I'm using it as a debit account.